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Oli Sharpe

Consulting for Local Government

2003 - present: Go Meta

I set up Go Meta Ltd in 2003 to provide IT consulting services to local authorities. Initial work focused around the LAWs national project, especially with Camden council and the then Local e-Government Standards Body

In recent years most of my consulting work has been with the Information Governance team at London Borough of Islington.

Comercial Software Development

2004 - 2005: Deutsche Bank

During this period of time, as well as doing consulting work I also undertook two three month contracts for part time Java software development work at Deutsche Bank.

2000 � 2003: Runtime Collective Ltd.

I was one of the founders of Runtime Collective Ltd, a company that specialised in providing IT solutions based on open source application suites. My work with Runtime included at various times: account management, consultation, sales, marketing, requirements analysis systems technical architecture and system development.


1995 - 2000: Ph.D in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The research for the Ph.D. at Sussex University looked at how and when evolutionary techniques of random variation and selection could be used effectively to solve certain kinds of optimisation problems.

1991 � 1994: BSc (2.1) in Mathematics and Computation

I studied at St. Anne's College, Oxford University.